Our journey


Welcome to PNK DOT LDN. We are an independent clothing brand established in 2021, based in South East London.
Good friends Ben & Billy decided during lockdown to collaborate together and design some streetwear that encourages interaction, inspiration and culture.  


We plan to work with community and grassroots enterprises. Creating a platform for artists and creators to share street culture.


We focus on streetwear and urban attire. This year we are so proud to launch our eoto range.


We support the freedom for you to be yourselves, embrace your passion and share the love. The ethics of PNK DOT LDN is passing forward the skills you were shown in the car parks/skate parks, basketball courts, sign parks and everywhere else. If you, like us, picked up a love for skating, bball, DJing, parkour, emceeing, street art or whatever your passion, this brand encourages the concept of getting creative and sharing that culture that was shared with you.